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Presents The Realtime Lab

Exhibitor: Andrea McSwan

The Realtime Lab will place R&D side-by-side with live commercial production, offering routes to commercialisation and markets beyond most small and medium business (SME) networks. It will facilitate industry sector engagement, catalysing innovation in 1. performance and motion capture virtual humans and dynamic procedural performance. 2. Machine learning for production and artificial intelligence for process reproduction. 3. Artificial intelligence for dynamic effects and procedural graphics for visual effects. 4. Advanced scanning technologies for 3D volume acquisition and ML/AI for procedural environment generation developing lighting and ray tracing standards to deliver environmental fidelity location-based software and hardware integration and 5. Integrated virtual and real-world film and TV production.

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DataMind Audio

Presents Combobulator

Exhibitor: Yashique Chalil

At DataMind Audio, we present a groundbreaking real-time neural audio synthesis integrated seamlessly into your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Simply input any audio signal, and watch as our plugin recreates its timbre, drawing from meticulously curated datasets crafted in collaboration with leading sound designers and music producers. The sounds are entirely generated by neural networks with no samples involved. What sets us apart is that our platform is committed to ethical sourcing, guaranteeing that artists receive proper compensation for their invaluable contributions to the dataset. Experience the future of audio synthesis with DataMind Audio. Datamind is proud to be one of the first companies to build generative AI neural audio into real-time professional music production software, and the first to offer downloadable artist-licensed models with a revenue split on each purchase.

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Connect with Yashique @datamindaudio

Ciorstaidh Monk: Intertidal

Fashion Interrupted

Presents Intertidal

Exhibitors: Ciorstaidh Monk & Gillian Martin

Fashion Interrupted expands the possibilities of fashion through digital representation and experiential design and new ways of working in fashion through immersive collaboration. Pushing beyond the limits of physical materials, Fashion Interrupted is an evolving collective including artist/designer Gillian Martin, fashion educator/designer Emma Clifton and performance artist Madeleine Brown. Founded by designer/creative producer Ciorstaidh Monk. Intertidal is a collection of digital garments inspired by native Scottish seaweed and seaweed harvesting in the Outer Hebrides. Exploring the intersection of nature and tech, they combined a digital process with a physical one, scanning and printing from collected seaweed from the Isle of Benbecula to create three-dimensional textures for digital materials. Seaweed imagery, alongside text prompts, were inputted into AI softwares DALL:E and Midjourney to generate garment shapes to inform the collection. Using digital pattern making software Clo3D, three looks were pattern cut and sewn together, with seaweed texture maps applied to the digital fabrics to create pattern, volume and depth. During CreativeTech Scotland we will work with natural materials to create custom texture maps that can be manipulated and applied to digital garment shapes.

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Presents Kyoobit Designer

Exhibitors: Michael Miller & Stephen Palmer

Entertainment companies such as game studios, film studios and music labels need to step up their game in the experience economy to stay relevant. However, producing destination experiences is not easy. It's expensive, risky and complex. Kyoobit is a platform to craft immersive destination experiences in cities across the world. We help entertainment companies create immersive destination experiences with ease, sharing their beloved stories with the world. Imagine stepping into Gotham city in a Batman film preview, being the first to get to know the protagonist of the new GTA game or being in the company of Taylor Swift in a new album experience. We are exhibiting our design tool which will be the portal for entertainment studios and independent creators to pre-visualise and submit their experiences with AR, XR, and interactive capabilities.

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Connect with Michael & Stephen @officialkyoobit

Shama Rahman


Presents Zeitgeist

Exhibitor: Dr Shama Rahman

During Dr Rahman's PhD research in the neuroscience & complex systems of creative cognition, she identified a signature brain pattern underlying 'Flow' mental states. Flow states improve creativity & cognitive flexibility, are intrinsically motivating and increase engagement & attention, and importantly being in Flow improves mood & stress resilience. Research has shown that training Flow can improve one's cognitive abilities. Yet Flow remains an elusive state. In order to train it, we should know when we are in Flow in the first place! Through her startup NeuroCreate, Dr Rahman has developed a participatory artwork and interface Zeitgeist, that analyses whether audiences are in a Flow state and represents their Flow visually. Audiences will choose their favourite colour, and the more in Flow they are, the more this colour will glow brighter as audiences learn to associate this visualisation to how they feel internally. Audience brain activity is measured through consumer wearables, and this is classified through deep-learning AI models developed by NeuroCreate.

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Playable Tech


Exhibitor: James Callaghan

Building music with Lego. BeatBlocks is an app that enables you to build music in real-time using toy bricks. The app uses computer vision and AI to recognise bricks of different sizes, shapes and colours. When the app sees a brick, it plays a sound: when you build, you create music. A hands-on accessible, inclusive and playful music making platform. Launched at SXSW 2023 the BIMA award winning software is available now on the App store.

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Connect with James @buildyourbeat


Ray Interactive

Presents IMP - Interactive Mobile Participation

Exhibitors: Brendan McCarthy & Sam Healy

IMP can be used to create playful group experiences. This interactive codebase has been developed with ease of access as a priority, instantly connecting any smart device to any AV installation - for example, an interactive sculpture, a projection mapped building or a generative sound piece. For CTSG 2024 we are road-testing a new prototype experience created with IMP for the very first time!

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Connect with Brendan & Sam @ray_interactive


Studio Sumlacs

Presents SS02

Exhibitor: Sarah Calmus

SS02 is a portable audio visual sculptural installation made from handwoven screens, projected moving image and a Scottish Beech frame. SS02 is a redesign of String Screen, first shown at Duncan of Jordanstone's 2014 Degree Show, the essence of the String Screen was to try to capture light holographically mid-flight, exploring illusory experimental light play through abstracted animated moving image work. In 2015 a 6ft squared site specific version was commissioned and exhibited at Hidden Door's King's Stables Road Festival, and has shown in various iterations over the last few years, in physical and digital spaces. Following a redevelopment with support from Creative Informatics as part of her Resident Entrepreneur project, Calmus worked with fabricator Henn, to construct a pop up, portable, flat packable String Screen, shown here as SS02.

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Connect with Sarah @studio.sumlacs


University for the Creative Arts (UCA) & Trevor Davis & Associates

Presents Sustainability Maturity Tool for Createch

Exhibitor: Trevor Davis

The Centre for Sustainable Design®, UCA has been on a journey from research to developing a practical tool for assessing sustainability maturity in the Createch sector. The tool aims for simplicity and accessibility. It uses a straightforward maturity model - ranging from Zero to Advanced - to help companies evaluate their current sustainability efforts. This model categorises companies based on their sustainability practices, providing them with a clear picture of their strengths and areas for improvement. It then offers tailored advice based on their specific needs. The tool is designed to be interactive and user-friendly, allowing company leaders who might not be experts in sustainability to easily navigate its features. By answering 17 questions, companies can receive immediate feedback and practical steps they can take to enhance their sustainability efforts. It also links to respected sources and guides, helping them to delve deeper into specific topics as needed. It helps Createch companies align with sustainable practices and ensures they can meet the increasing demands from customers, investors and regulators who prioritise environmental and social governance.

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Connect with Trevor @davistruk


University of Edinburgh, Design Informatics & University of Surrey, Digital Creativity Lab

Presents ORAgen

Exhibitor: Frances Liddell

ORAgen online demo, a digital tool that explores how we might embed attribution and licensing into digital content to support creator recognition and rights management in creative work under a practice that we call 'tokenised rights'. ORAgen employs decentralising technologies (including blockchains, smart contracts, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs)) to communicate a technical framework known as 'ORA' (standing for 'Ownership', 'Rights', and 'Attribution'). ORAgen is a type of technology probe - a prototype that aims to stimulate discussion and ideation - and we have used ORAgen to introduce, explain, and explore ORA through workshops and interviews with professionals from the cultural and creative industries. Through these different engagements, we have identified 9 potential use cases for ORA. As part of the next phase of our research, we are interested in developing these use cases through expert in-depth interviews with participants from the cultural and creative industries. Through these interviews we would like to understand and critically reflect on how these use cases might work in practice within different cultural and creative contexts.

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Led by Edinburgh Futures Institute, the third CreativeTech Scotland Gathering brings together creative tech and data-driven innovation practitioners from across the creative industries to share, network, showcase their work and explore innovation within creative technology.

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